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A hilariously done advertisement for Taco Bell, which centers a dramatic story around the conspiracy of why the 'Burger People' don't want you to know about Taco Bell's new nacho dipped fries.

Taco Bell – Web of Fries
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Incredible visuals and a tightly written script perfectly illustrate the many use cases for Artlist's new AI-Powered Search.

Introducing Artlist's new AI-powered search
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Voted the best car ad of the year by Auto Express, Chicken shows a demonstration of chickens’ bodies being moved around while their heads remain still, to reflect the magic body control functionality of Mercedes V8 cars. Despite having no voiceover or script whatsoever, the ad is hugely memorable which is exactly what a big brand wants for their video advertisements.

Mercedes Benz – Magic Body Control
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This legendary commercial was Old Spice's winning formula around 2010. This ad works so well by layering humor and a dynamic shift in the background to match the dialogue, all the while hammering in the idea that Old Spice's smell will make you smell irresistible.

Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
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