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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Flashfeed for free?

You can! Here's what you can do for free with Flashfeed:

• Browse top-quality video ads for free.
• Use our AI Writing Copilot to score and rate anything you write yourself.
• Production-ready, shareable workspaces are generated for you completely free.

What kind of video ideas can Flashfeed make?

Flashfeed can make almost any kind of video idea which has the purpose of selling or creating attention around a brand. This includes any regularly uploaded social media video for a company or personal brand.

Flashfeed can brainstorm and script optimized skits, memes, product reels, UGC, voiceovers, commercials, and more.

How does Flashfeed write viral ads in 1 click?

Flashfeed uses the same writing techniques that professional ad agencies use to write based on human psychology and examples of ads that are already winning, which can guarantees to engage and sell your brand's produce or presence.

How is Flashfeed different from ChatGPT?

Flashfeed researches and writes dozens of video concepts for your brand before writing anything else. You can also import any video, and Flashfeed can understand the entirety of that video, allowing you to easily rewrite a new tailored video for your requirements.

Can Flashfeed generate video files or use Sora?

Currently Flashfeed can only generate the timing and detailed descriptions of your video script and storyboard. However, sora will be used in the future to generate video files.

What does a Pro Membership do?

A Pro Membership lets you quickly find video content and write videos.

•  Research your brand and target audience in 1 click.
•  Generate high-performing ideas based on your requiremnts in 1 click.
•  Browse hand-picked video ads from Meta Ads Library, Tiktok, Linkedin, Instaram, Youtube, and more.
•  Write video scripts and storyboards in 1 click.
•  Improve your writing with our AI Writing Copilot.

This allows you to produce videos at scale and iterate quickly, finding the best path for your video marketing efforts.

What happens if I am unsatisfied with my project's outcome?

If you are unable to solve any disagreements about the project outcome with your contracted creator, then you can contact support for intervention.

How do I pay a creator?

Brands pay to their creative team directly.

What does a Brand Membership do?

A brand membership can post to the job board. A creator membership can create a marketplace profile and apply to projects.

How do I create a marketplace profile?

Once you sign up for a creator account you can apply for a marketplace profile on the dashboard.

What happens if I upload my work to the ad library?

Creators who have a marketplace profile can upload their work to our ad library. This makes you highly likely to be hired by brands who want to produce a similar video. Please note you can only upload work you have the rights to.

What does a Creator Membership do?

A brand membership can post to the job board. A creator membership can create a marketplace profile and apply to projects.

How will I be paid as a creator?

You will be paid directly by the brand.

How do I collaborate with a brand through Flashfeed?

We provide you with an auto-generated workspace via Coda with all the tools you need. You can join the brand's workspace for their video idea, or propose a new video idea using Flashfeed's workspace generator.