6 ways for marketers to reduce video production costs

May 14, 2023
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1: Collaborate with a Remote Team

Producing videos can take a lot of time; if you’re considering how to scale your production, hiring a remote freelance team is an excellent option to assist you. However, it can be difficult to work together on editing jobs because content production is an artistic and complex process that requires proper planning. Nevertheless, collaborating with a remote team can be streamlined with the correct software solutions.


Flashfeed's Workspaces

For creative production, a proper planning workspace is necessary for efficient collaboration. With the help of Flashfeed's Shared Workspaces, you can easily manage projects with a remote team. You and your personal creative team can work together in real time. Plan, review, edit, and manage your projects from start to finish using our integrated workspace.

Not only does it save time, but it also reduces the costs of production. Often times, one of the biggest expenses of production is the pre-production phase of inspiration, planning, logistics, and more. A media project's complexity determines how much preparation and customization is necessary, so time and budget scales with the complexity as well. With an automated production process, Flashfeed reduces unnecessary overhead which equals time and money saved.

  • Hand-picked inspiration is automatically integrated into the workflow
  • Creatives teams are global and vetted by Flashfeed
  • Project briefs are standardized, yet customizable, so non-experts can create with ease
  • Workspaces are generated automatically for your project, complete with resources

Even if you don’t choose to work on Flashfeed’s platform, hiring a contracted remote team is an excellent way to reduceoverhead on projects. Agile video production is the way of future marketing.

Takeaway: Hiring a remote team reduces overhead, increases ROI, and can be streamlined with the correct project workspace.

2: Bulk Filming

Contrary to popular belief, filming usually isn’t themost time-consuming part of video production. However, teams naturally charge a“minimum engagement fee” due to market rates of videos, even if they don’texplicitly say it. For example, one video from Agency A might cost $2,000 USD. However, bundled together, three videos might cost $4,000 USD. Set, talent, andequipment are paid for so you’ll naturally receive a discount, as well as savetime.

Bulk editing also has the added benefit on focus. Acompany can spend a few weeks focused on devising marketing campaign andshooting, and then switch focus entirely to post-production or optimizingcontent for different platforms.

Takeaway: Instead of filming on-demand, carefully plan ahead and shoot a lot of video all at once.

3: Choose your video type carefully

There can be a vast difference in video production expenses based on what type of video you are producing. For example, animation videos, especially the 3D kind, are notoriously expensive. You should carefully choose whether or not your marketing campaign will be a positive ROI. Additionally, videos shot using natural sunlight can also reduce production costs. It can be expensive and time-consuming to set up a professional lighting for video shoots. Lighting is also something that cannot be remedied easily in post, so careful planning is required so that resources are used appropriately.

Another costly expense of video production can be thecomplexity. Focusing on your video prompt, script, and shooting location can bemore than enough for an effective, low-cost video.

Takeaway: Choose your video type carefully, and remove or find alternatives to costs that aren’t absolutely necessary.

4: Start from inspiration as a template

Dissatisfaction during the post-production phase can happen often if you’ve taken the wrong direction. If you start from inspiration, like from Flashfeed’s Showcase, you’ll be able to filter and find the perfect video for your use case.

Flashfeed's Showcase

But is it critical to start from inspiration? It absolutely is. The client is ultimately the one guide the final outcome through “yes” and “no”. When you start from inspiration, both parties spend much less time playing guess work in pre-production and post-production. Instead of being under a time crunch in post-production with a limited amount of footage to work with, you can plan everything out easily from the beginning with inspiration as your template.

Takeaway: Reuse successful projects asinspiration for formatting and style, all while saving time and money.

5: Appropriate existing content for different platforms

It can be difficult for content marketers to support so many video marketing channels when each have their own formats and requirements. However, a tried-and-true strategy is to syndicate your content across social media platforms. By repurposing existing video content into clips you can use on other channels, you can save time, grow a following, and reach more viewers.

For example, you can take a 5-minute video, add a size crop and title, and then find a notable excerpt from it to spread on social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Takeaway: Already made videos somewhere else? Repurpose them in different sizes and length to fit other platforms.


6: Automate your production

With the increased volume of content production these days, it’s important to incorporate automation whenever possible. Luckily there are many tools out there that can help streamline the video production process. Here are a few ways to do just that.

↪ Inspiration tools

Flashfeed is the bestplace to find inspiration for your next video project. You can easily search bygenre, industry, style keywords, and more. You can browse through handpickedvideos that have already been shared by our global network for inspiration. Youcan also choose to follow specific creators so that you never miss a video theycreate again. Once you find a video that you like, you can save it to your favorites and create a short snippet of it to use as inspiration for your own video creation.

↪ Production Automation

With Flashfeed's Project workspaces, you can go from ideation to production nearly instantly. Flashfeed plans all of your projects in advance so you don’t have to waste time getting organized on set or in front of your computer before diving into production. You can use custom storyboards in each project to stay organized and track exactly what you need in your shot list. Once you have everything set up for your shoot, you can create a shot list with a few simple clicks in the Project workspace, including specific directions to each shot and a fully built-out task list.

↪ Uploading Automation

When it comes to video distribution, there are plenty of options out there but you probably already understand how difficult it is to manage multiple platforms. Luckily services exist to automatically upload or repurpose your videos for multiple platforms. This will save you time and ensure that you are able to focus on other important aspects of your video project without having to worry about manually uploading your content each time.


Takeaway: There are specialized tools available for each part of the production process which will greatly increase the output of your video content.


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